Monday, January 16, 2017

Top sexiest bras according to the men’s view.

When it comes to lingerie, women often prefer it to be comfortable, while men would rather prefer it to look sensual and desire-provoking. There are thousands of bra models to make men lose their minds, but still, there are bras - absolute winners, which men want to see on their women.
According to the survey conducted among hundred men of different age and profession, the sexiest bras are usually open cups, see-through, somewhat strappy, and caged ones. It’s not a surprise, right

So, according to men’s opinion, here are top sexy bras:

Shanghai San Underwire Bra by La Perla

This bra is nothing less but a pure temptation, where breasts are barely covered by the butterfly-like lace. The whole cage-like construction of the bra, in spite of having more see-through part than covered by fabric area, provides good support. The bra looks as sophisticated and sensual as it possible at all, while adjustable straps and underwire make this soft bra suitable for all breasts’ sizes, including very large size.
Every detail here is of the highest quality, including the eye-closure and a back hook.   

Oh La La Cheri Raquel Satin And Lace Shelf Bra

Seductive, peek-a-boo inspired shelf bra is an excellent example of men’s fantasies. They want to see but they want you to leave enough the room for imagination. Lacy upper part of cups covers and shows enough to make him want to take the bra off and it definitely inspires him for further actions.
Shelf underwire carcass made of shiny satin provides excellent support due to the foamed panel under the busts line, while leaving the lower part of the breasts uncovered.

ASOS PREMIUM Jessica Lace Caged Underwire Bra

Cage style is always amongst most preferred by men. It appeals directly to their deepest instincts, so it’s not a surprise that this sheer lace and cage-style bralette made it to the Top 10.
This model comes in three classic colors (black, red and white), but when it comes to seduction men obviously prefer the red color over white.
What is also great about this creation of ASOS is bra’s affordable price (under 20$). Asos is known for its beautiful lingerie collections, while some bloggers accuse this brand of stealing a design.
Read it here

Kendall Bra Black by Agent Provocateur

As it is stated by the Agent Provocateur, this bra model is “luxurious midnight dream” and we can’t agree more. A halter neck style with the high apex lace and tulle arch lets you show enough for making him crazy. Eyelash trim, framing the cups adds the sensual note to this incredibly feminine, seductive piece of lingerie art. Yes, this bra is quite pricey, but after all, it’s his Majesty Agent Provocateur and that means the unprecedented quality which exceeds its price. 

Madame X from Von Follies By Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese definitely knows everything about seduction and lingerie. She has been already named a new lingerie Queen by bloggers and looking at this Madame X bra we understand why. Cage-styled soft cup bra is made of black satin with the X-shaped straps around the cups. Silk and lace make the cups incredibly smooth and pleasant for touching.

Baci Strappy Open Cup Bra with Nipple Ring

Well, this bra doesn’t even need words to explain why it became one of the most attractive for men. This strappy open cup bra takes seduction to the dangerously new level. The metal ring around the nipple makes it look hottest possible. The affordable price is accompanied by the very good quality, so there is no excuse of not buying it for some special occasions. It’s certainly, the wildest thing in our chart.

Agent Provocateur Rosa Bra

New Agent Provocateur’s creation instantly became extra popular as one of the sexiest bras. It was made in new contemporary style. This delicate piece combines finest, most delicate floral tulle with strong shapes. Embroidered lace goes all along double straps and decorates the inner edges of cups as well.
A truly luxury combination of materials is used really well: silk, embroidered tulle, lace and opaque trim to frame the edges. The Rose Bra is stunning, mind-blowing, luxurious lingerie in its best embodiment.

Elegant Persuasion Open Cup Shelf Bra

It’s a simple, yet very powerful model of the bra in terms of the effect it makes on men. Almost every man who was involved in the survey has pointed on this model first hand as on the sexiest one.
Satin shelf bra leaves the breasts entirely open still supported and lifted up due to the underwire. 
As it was said about shelf bras by one of the lingerie bloggers “Love is not blind”. Take a look at these great reviews of open bras here

Maison Close Jardin Imperial Bra

This bra is truly something extraordinary. Black and gold eyelash lace is combined with the satin elements. The bra has an underwire which means it gives good support to the breasts, while unlined cups keep breasts in beautifully natural position. Once you’ve worn this French-made obsession you take everything else as a compromise. Sensual, elegant and unimaginably feminine Imperial Bra is purposed to make him keep his eyes on you non-stop. 

Andres Sarda Bra La Perla Black Label Bra

Without exaggeration this marvelous bra is something he’d want you to wear for his eyes only. Lightest, delicate and stunningly sensual underwire bra is inspired by a peek-a-boo style. A glimpse of skin gives a truly tantalizing hint of what’s beneath that lace. 
Unlined and comfortable, this hot bra provides quite decent support due to underwire and adjustable straps. What a beauty!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Seven surprising facts about bras and lingerie you don’t know about!

You think you know everything about lingerie? Check out these interesting facts! We bet you didn’t suspect any of these could be true.

1. Do you know why Agent Provocateur’s lingerie is so sexy on men’s opinion? Only a very few know that the brand and its concept was created by the man – the son of the legendary Hollywood actress Vivienne Westwood.

2. Did you know that this year we celebrate 70 years since the invention of a bikini?
That was a hell of a story! The French designer Louis RĂ©ard has noticed that women, when sunbathing at the beach, roll up the edges of their swimsuits. That is how he came up with the idea of creating a bikini!

3. Guess, where ladies with the biggest and smallest bra sizes live? According to the statistics and official reports, British women have the biggest breast sizes in average, while Japanese women have the smallest ones!

4. Italian ladies prefer wearing red lingerie for New Year’s night. They believe it brings good luck for the whole upcoming year. We bet their men don’t mind this cute superstition!

5. The widely known underwear brand Triumph was the first brand which made brassieres commercially available for ladies around the globe.

6. The very first bra ever designed was made to be worn atop the heavy corset. The bra was purposed to support the whole construction.

7. According to the world’s statistics, the most popular type of panties women wear is bikini panties. The second place goes to full granny briefs. Who could ever think, right?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Everything about the bra in one place!

If you have been searching for an all-in-one resource about the bra, it seems like you have found your forever home at Phew! After the hectic surfing across the Web and clicking here and there you finally can relax and choose your dream bra among the largest selection of brassieres.

The resource has collected about the 4000 bra models from all over the Internet bra stores, so you will literally find here all the bra models from over the hundred of brands. They did a great job categorizing 70 types of bras to let you find the needed undergarment in a blink of an eye.

Bra4Her was created with the purpose of making your online shopping as easy and fast as it could possibly be, delivering all needed tools for purchasing the correct size and type of the bra.

Measurements tips and tutorials, an ultimate fitting bra guide, blog posts and articles – all this is for helping you make a right choice.

What’s especially helpful is the up-to-date collection of the discounts which hundreds of lingerie stores offer all across the Internet. There is no chance of missing hot discounts whatever the brand of the bra you are interested in.           

Shop easy within two clicks: choose “shop by bra brand”, by color or by bra style, and then pick the item that caught your eye and conquered your heart. Then click on the item and you’ll instantly get redirected to the online store which sells this particular bra.

Use the measurement table to define a precise size of cups and band. If you are in doubts about the model of the bra which fits you and your outfit (for the certain occasion) the best – read the articles-guide about the benefits and features of every type of the bra.                                               
Bra4Her is a real deal when it comes to bras. It’s like a whole “bra-Google” where you can find everything, related to brassieres!