Monday, December 12, 2016

Seven surprising facts about bras and lingerie you don’t know about!

You think you know everything about lingerie? Check out these interesting facts! We bet you didn’t suspect any of these could be true.

1. Do you know why Agent Provocateur’s lingerie is so sexy on men’s opinion? Only a very few know that the brand and its concept was created by the man – the son of the legendary Hollywood actress Vivienne Westwood.

2. Did you know that this year we celebrate 70 years since the invention of a bikini?
That was a hell of a story! The French designer Louis RĂ©ard has noticed that women, when sunbathing at the beach, roll up the edges of their swimsuits. That is how he came up with the idea of creating a bikini!

3. Guess, where ladies with the biggest and smallest bra sizes live? According to the statistics and official reports, British women have the biggest breast sizes in average, while Japanese women have the smallest ones!

4. Italian ladies prefer wearing red lingerie for New Year’s night. They believe it brings good luck for the whole upcoming year. We bet their men don’t mind this cute superstition!

5. The widely known underwear brand Triumph was the first brand which made brassieres commercially available for ladies around the globe.

6. The very first bra ever designed was made to be worn atop the heavy corset. The bra was purposed to support the whole construction.

7. According to the world’s statistics, the most popular type of panties women wear is bikini panties. The second place goes to full granny briefs. Who could ever think, right?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Everything about the bra in one place!

If you have been searching for an all-in-one resource about the bra, it seems like you have found your forever home at Phew! After the hectic surfing across the Web and clicking here and there you finally can relax and choose your dream bra among the largest selection of brassieres.

The resource has collected about the 4000 bra models from all over the Internet bra stores, so you will literally find here all the bra models from over the hundred of brands. They did a great job categorizing 70 types of bras to let you find the needed undergarment in a blink of an eye.

Bra4Her was created with the purpose of making your online shopping as easy and fast as it could possibly be, delivering all needed tools for purchasing the correct size and type of the bra.

Measurements tips and tutorials, an ultimate fitting bra guide, blog posts and articles – all this is for helping you make a right choice.

What’s especially helpful is the up-to-date collection of the discounts which hundreds of lingerie stores offer all across the Internet. There is no chance of missing hot discounts whatever the brand of the bra you are interested in.           

Shop easy within two clicks: choose “shop by bra brand”, by color or by bra style, and then pick the item that caught your eye and conquered your heart. Then click on the item and you’ll instantly get redirected to the online store which sells this particular bra.

Use the measurement table to define a precise size of cups and band. If you are in doubts about the model of the bra which fits you and your outfit (for the certain occasion) the best – read the articles-guide about the benefits and features of every type of the bra.                                               
Bra4Her is a real deal when it comes to bras. It’s like a whole “bra-Google” where you can find everything, related to brassieres!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Comfort vs. Beauty: what types of bra give it all

When it comes to a comfort of underwear, there can not be any compromises. Your bra should not cut into your skin, should not itch or place your breasts in unnatural position.
It’s been a while when a woman had to choose between comfort and beauty or her undergarment.

Nowadays there is no need to sacrifice a comfort in the name of beauty, when you come back home after the long day and first thing you do is taking off the bra with a sigh of relief, like you’ve just got rid of “fetters” on your bust. Are you also familiar with that feeling? We bet!

Believe it or not but there are bras which both comfortable and pretty and we are going to reveal few genius styles you need to have in your wardrobe. Here
You will find them all and below, we will explain why those are really the best bras in terms of comfort in everyday use.

Non-padded Demi bra

The brilliance is in simplicity. Of course, non-padded bras overtake molded ones when it comes to comfort and delicacy of sensations while wearing a brassiere. Unlined delicate demi bra performs just excellent, providing reliable support even for large breasts, without tightening and causing pressure on the chest like some types of padded and wired bras do.

The motto of the new lingerie era is: no padded is new sexy!


Here is an amazing collection of absolutely fantastic unlined bralettes! We literally could not take our eyes off them and we can assure you: once you tried wearing those delicate lace pieces – you won’t trade them for any other style of the everyday bra. It’s not for nothing the legendary Vogue named a bralette the brightest lingerie trend of the 2016 year. The variety of styles and shapes, offered by a bralette division is mind-blowing.

Top lingerie and fashion bloggers proclaimed a worldwide Bralette obsession, posting spectacular reports from main lingerie fashion runways. We can’t agree more!

T-shirt bras

Here is one more myth we are going to debunk in hopes you will find your favorite comfortable yet beautiful bra. Without a doubt, T-shirt bra is one of the most comfortable amongst all bra styles, but it’s widely accepted that T-shirt bras are a casual or sporty type of bras, means they have nothing to do with the pretty or even sexy look. We don’t need to talk much to convince you otherwise, just take a look at these delicate and feminine pieces of lingerie:

We just love how beautifully all the benefits of wearing T-shirt bras are described here
According to a consumer report, T-shirt bras take a leading position in women’s choice when it comes to picking an everyday bra. Those are the best for a reason: being seamless, soft non-padded cups make the skin feel naked, while gently shaping breasts and keeping them in a natural position.
Making long story short, we vote for T-shirt bras, but advise you to try all types, mentioned above. Choose the ultimate comfort and enjoy the beauty you wear every day!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Most stunning looks from the Venice Film Festival’s Red Carpet!

Recent international Venice Film Festival has undoubtedly harvested a whole collection of impressive and memorable fashion looks. It could easily be called a haute couture runway modeled by A-list actresses. Such Red Carpets presentations are known as trendsetters and widely discussed among fashion bloggers, and magazines. This year’s Film’s Festival is not an exception as well so we offer to please the eye with those stunning looks at the legendary Red Carpet.

Here are, on our mind, the best dresses, worn by gorgeous, stylish, and talented superstars:

Emma Stone

Sparkled as a starry sky above the snow kingdom during the opening ceremony. Her Versace made strappy sparkling dress could not stay unnoticed; still, it did not outshine her amazing smile and classy hairstyle.

Gemma Arterton

Her majestic pink nipped in waist gown, courtesy of Alberta Ferretti stole the hearts of everyone for a reason. We haven’t seen such a delicate feminine and romantic style at the Red Carpets for quite a while. Bravo, Gemma!

Amy Adams

Sparkle, sparkle, little Amy. Golden one shoulder gown by Tom Ford was definitely a “wow” collector and gorgeous Amy Adams wore it like a true goddess. Asymmetrical silhouettes, by the way, were a dominated trend at the VFF’s Red Carped.

Natalie Portman

A star, who probably, have had received the most of the attention, was certainly Natalie Portman, whose baby bump looked adorable in fantastic Dior gown.

Suki Waterhouse

The title of the brightest and most beautiful dress of the Red Carped won the stunning sequined pink gown courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana, worn by the elegant Suki Waterhouse for the premiere of the Bad Batch movie.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Top most comfortable bra ever for any occasions!

Lingerie and bras are about everything what woman embodies: beauty, sensuality, femininity, tenderness and strength at the same time. But above all, underwear, (and bras in particular) is about the comfort. Needless to say, but comfort is out of the question if you wear overly tight or loose bra – means wrong size bra.

First of all woman should learn how to make correct measurements for choosing the right size of the bra. When the size is defined, it’s time to make up your mind about the type of the bra which suits the best for certain occasions.

If the comfort is your priority when it comes to the bra, this most comfortable bra review will certainly come in handy.

Seamless unlined bras

Living up to its name, the seamless bra has no seams and it’s made of a smooth, thin, stretchy fabric. Take a quick look here to make a better understanding what seamless bras are about. No closure, sometimes no boning, just a delicate piece of fabric, wrapping the breasts without excessive pressure, however, providing a good support. Seamless bras usually come in bralette, demi, racerback and sports styles. Invisible contours of the seamless bra and the ultimate softness of that type of a brassiere makes it the world's most comfortable bra for women of every body shape. Find an absolutely fantastic variety of beautiful elegant seamless bras here!

Wacoal Women’s Awareness Underwire Bra

This type of bra was invented about 20 years ago and still, it’s the best selling bra all over the world. This soft cup bra is made is such a manner which make it safest to wear. The band and straps don’t do pressure on skin or breasts tissue, making the skin of that area “breath” and blood circulate healthily. This all is extremely important to prevent damage, caused by the tight bra elements, which reportedly could lead to breasts’ health issues.

Read a detailed review on most comfortable bras here

Racerback and sports bras

It stands to reason that sportswear is expected to be absolutely comfortable for intense exercising. When it comes to the most comfortable sports bra, the main requirements are plain and obvious: bra should provide excellent support to not let your breasts bounce, whilst it must not make a pressure on your breasts to not to affect a healthy blood circulation.

So-called tamer bra holds the gold medal for being the most comfortable bra in the world for sports activities. It looks like a regular longline bra with molded separated cups, covered by a stretchy breathable fabric. This type of bra could also come as a most comfortable racerback bra with an X-shaped back. According to the survey, racerback bras are indeed the most comfortable bras with excellent fashionable appearance, unlike many other types of bra.

Most comfortable nursing bra

There could be no compromises when it comes to picking the nursing or maternity bra. First and foremost, the fabric of the bra must be of an extra high-quality as it contacts with a delicate skin of nipples. Band and straps of most comfortable maternity bra are very wide to maximize the distribution of the pressure on the skin. This all seems obvious, but due to the incredible variety of nursing bras, the question of all moms is still at place – what is the most comfortable bra for nursing? According to the survey base on consumer reports, this title belongs to bras of Bravado brand, as they provide moms with all types of nursing and maternity bras of an unprecedented quality and elegance.

Your Newest Wardrobe Goals According to the New York Fashion Week

Current New York fashion week has already revealed its super stars and the brightest one is definitely the Alexander Wang.

As it was confirmed at the he stole the show with his platinum blondes obsession and even outshined such fashion giants as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Aside from mentioning all fashion stars both on runway and amongst guests in front row, here are the main wardrobe “must-haves” of the coming season:

  • Outfits with nipped-in waist and corsets;
  • Oversized and buffed coats;
  • Midi tube dresses;
  • Blooming and floral prints;
  • Micro bags;
  • Long sleeves and loose jackets;
  • Lingerie inspired dresses.

Let’s take a closer look.

Carolina Herrera

This American fashion designer showed her flowers-inspired collection in pastel pink shades. Ultimately feminine, it was touched by the romanticism of a spring nature, as light and delicate as organza and tulle loose shirt-dresses. Sophisticated romance with floral motives was announced a greatest ever collection of Carolina Herrera by several fashion editors at the NYFW 2016.

Calvin Klein

He stole the hearts with his somewhat unexpected silhouettes, resembling unfinished dresses with no hint on feminine curves.

The base of the collection’s concept is a deconstructed and loose sleep dress in pastel colors in various forms and lengths.

Ralph Lauren

Inspired by the nautical theme, Ralph Lauren’s collection included blue and white stripped dresses and shirts, navy blue silk suits and quite simple and minimalistic silhouettes in bright colors. The nautical theme was somewhat accompanied with a patriotic spirit you could notice in colors combination.


Cotton and silk collection by the designer Amy Smilovic brings a relaxed mood in loose yet elegant and sophisticated silhouettes. Shiny silk short tops, loose cotton midi dresses in muted colors are something you want to wear in your most confident and calm state of mind.

Narciso Rodriguez

Peace and ocean’s nature flow out from the Narciso Rodriguez collection. The core of NR’s show is midi and maxi dresses with asymmetrical silhouettes, made of linen and chiffon with floating lines. The closest to a nature elegance and purity made this collection one of our favorites.

Oscar de la Renta

Classical aesthetic, touched by a very original youthful transformation – that is what new creative director of the Oscar de la Renta’s house has prepared for the NYFW 2016. All identical elements (rooting from the Spanish culture) are still recognizable and the whole collection’s dominating color is surely a black


A greatest celebration of beauty, femininity and colors is reflected at the latest Marchesa collection, met with applause by the front row guests at the New York Fashion Week. Designers of Marchesa fashion house described their collection’s inspiration as “a botanical menagerie of caged birds”. Absolutely fantastic, sensual evening dresses are lingerie inspired pieces of a fashion art.

The overall mood of the NYFW 2016 is nature-inspired and pastel and muted colors rule this coming fashion season.

The less is more

This fall becomes a bag full of fashion surprises, and when we say “bag” we really mean it. The newest powerful trend has arisen and the main hero is a bag of a micro size. Showing her status, this micro bag says that its owner doesn’t need to carry more that a Smartphone and a credit card inside.

Featured with luxurious decorative elements and coming in gold or silver colors, a micro bag is offered to pair with quite a casual coats and jackets rather than with glamorous dresses. According to a micro bag trend is reflected in the fall/winter collections of major fashion houses, such as Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and others.

To emphasize a contrast, a micro bag is perfect for wearing with oversize tops and extra long trousers or skirts. The less you carry the more you have – is the motto of this micro bag trend.