Thursday, September 29, 2016

Comfort vs. Beauty: what types of bra give it all

When it comes to a comfort of underwear, there can not be any compromises. Your bra should not cut into your skin, should not itch or place your breasts in unnatural position.
It’s been a while when a woman had to choose between comfort and beauty or her undergarment.

Nowadays there is no need to sacrifice a comfort in the name of beauty, when you come back home after the long day and first thing you do is taking off the bra with a sigh of relief, like you’ve just got rid of “fetters” on your bust. Are you also familiar with that feeling? We bet!

Believe it or not but there are bras which both comfortable and pretty and we are going to reveal few genius styles you need to have in your wardrobe. Here
You will find them all and below, we will explain why those are really the best bras in terms of comfort in everyday use.

Non-padded Demi bra

The brilliance is in simplicity. Of course, non-padded bras overtake molded ones when it comes to comfort and delicacy of sensations while wearing a brassiere. Unlined delicate demi bra performs just excellent, providing reliable support even for large breasts, without tightening and causing pressure on the chest like some types of padded and wired bras do.

The motto of the new lingerie era is: no padded is new sexy!


Here is an amazing collection of absolutely fantastic unlined bralettes! We literally could not take our eyes off them and we can assure you: once you tried wearing those delicate lace pieces – you won’t trade them for any other style of the everyday bra. It’s not for nothing the legendary Vogue named a bralette the brightest lingerie trend of the 2016 year. The variety of styles and shapes, offered by a bralette division is mind-blowing.

Top lingerie and fashion bloggers proclaimed a worldwide Bralette obsession, posting spectacular reports from main lingerie fashion runways. We can’t agree more!

T-shirt bras

Here is one more myth we are going to debunk in hopes you will find your favorite comfortable yet beautiful bra. Without a doubt, T-shirt bra is one of the most comfortable amongst all bra styles, but it’s widely accepted that T-shirt bras are a casual or sporty type of bras, means they have nothing to do with the pretty or even sexy look. We don’t need to talk much to convince you otherwise, just take a look at these delicate and feminine pieces of lingerie:

We just love how beautifully all the benefits of wearing T-shirt bras are described here
According to a consumer report, T-shirt bras take a leading position in women’s choice when it comes to picking an everyday bra. Those are the best for a reason: being seamless, soft non-padded cups make the skin feel naked, while gently shaping breasts and keeping them in a natural position.
Making long story short, we vote for T-shirt bras, but advise you to try all types, mentioned above. Choose the ultimate comfort and enjoy the beauty you wear every day!