Monday, December 12, 2016

Seven surprising facts about bras and lingerie you don’t know about!

You think you know everything about lingerie? Check out these interesting facts! We bet you didn’t suspect any of these could be true.

1. Do you know why Agent Provocateur’s lingerie is so sexy on men’s opinion? Only a very few know that the brand and its concept was created by the man – the son of the legendary Hollywood actress Vivienne Westwood.

2. Did you know that this year we celebrate 70 years since the invention of a bikini?
That was a hell of a story! The French designer Louis RĂ©ard has noticed that women, when sunbathing at the beach, roll up the edges of their swimsuits. That is how he came up with the idea of creating a bikini!

3. Guess, where ladies with the biggest and smallest bra sizes live? According to the statistics and official reports, British women have the biggest breast sizes in average, while Japanese women have the smallest ones!

4. Italian ladies prefer wearing red lingerie for New Year’s night. They believe it brings good luck for the whole upcoming year. We bet their men don’t mind this cute superstition!

5. The widely known underwear brand Triumph was the first brand which made brassieres commercially available for ladies around the globe.

6. The very first bra ever designed was made to be worn atop the heavy corset. The bra was purposed to support the whole construction.

7. According to the world’s statistics, the most popular type of panties women wear is bikini panties. The second place goes to full granny briefs. Who could ever think, right?